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All Hands In

Changing Our Community

Benew Outreach Ministry

Is a Transformational Ministry for people that need innovative practical solutions for change in all areas of our lives. The driving force behind Benew Outreach is love, grace and teaching people how to build better relationships.

We learn We grow, We go… ´´

Benew Outreach Ministries believes that the church surpasses the four walls and becomes a way of life that builds, heals, and fixes relationships that teach you how to love the lord with all your heart, mind, and soul. We use the Church as an equipping center of how to Benew.

We are Driven For Change!!!´´

Benew Outreach Programs 

Is an equipping center of services that helps businesses, non-profits, community centers, churches, and families to build healthy relationships, create and develop business models on how to connect with the community and customers in a more effective way.  We take an innovative approach to change and what it should look like outside of the four walls we call church.  




Supports failing churches and nonprofits with coaching, courses, guidance, and resources on how to connect, help, and build relationships in their community. 

     2. DEI Corporate Initiative 

Supports Companies and businesses big and small that need Pastoral Care, Relationship Guidance, Crisis Response, Crisis Intervention, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution.


    3.  Family

Focuses on healing, love, and rebuilding the mind, body and soul through a relationship with Jesus and oneself.


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