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Family Program

What We Do - We provide a wide range of resources, courses, and events that impact your mind, body, and, soul. We work alongside local partners to deepen our shared understanding of your needs with collective action in addressing changes in all areas of your life. These activities will be conducted by qualified, licensed, and or volunteers. We do this service Free Of Charge. 

Each aspect area of need and detail is accounted for and is essential to your future and effectiveness in connecting with people. Our team uses a personal approach to help you build relationships to assist you and your growth.

Is Your Family in Need of Relationship Building? 

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of Marriages end in divorce.

How We Do it?

Our team uses data, stats, trends, assessments, and personal experiences. We build stronger relationships through teaching love. 

Business Plan

1. Uncover The Root (Soul)

We use the bible as a source of transforming how we think, which ultimately changes what we do. 

2. Adopt Healthy Routines (Body)

We have created courses and workout programs on how to eat and work out for a healthier and fulfilling life.

3. Build intrinsic motivation (Mind)

We have Family counseling to encourage, and bring a deeper connection within the family unit.

Support Our Family Team 

"I´m an Aunt who helps my sister with the kids and we needed help with food. There was a knock at my door. That had to be God. Thank You...  "

Paulinha, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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