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Driven For Change

Heart  -  Soul  -  Mind

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Who is Benew Outreach 

Is an innovative, multicultural, and multigenerational faith-based ministry. With a primary focus to serve our community with God being the source for all we do.  Benew Outreach is more than a church but an equipping center of programs and services that will help you grow, go and, be the best you can be spiritually, mentally and, physically in all areas of life. 


We are driven by God´s Great Commission Matthew 28:16-20 where he said to go in love and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in his name.

We know that the journey through life is an emotional, lonely, stressful, good, and, bad rollercoaster that any day can be your best or worst.  Regardless of what stage you are in or if you are new to the body of Christ. 

Benew Outreach Ministry is here for you!!!

Is the Worlds Population

8 billion

2.4 billion

Of the World are Christians


churches close every year.

In the US alone 


Of the World are Christians

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