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Business Meeting

Corporate Initiative

What We Do - At Benew Outreach we are doing our part by dismantling conflicts and resolving crises by helping people navigate through life's toughest problems by changing their perspectives on Relationships. 

We do this service Free Of Charge. 

Corporate Initiative- supports our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion. At Benew Outreach, we are doing our part by providing Companies that need Pastoral Care, Relationship Guidance, Crisis Response, Crisis Intervention, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution.

Is your company or business in need of a DEI Program?

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“60% of American Companies are facing a communication crisis every month..."

How We Do it?

We create the environment to build healthy relationships...

Business Meeting

Our team develops a Relationship strategy based on the goals and needs of that particular company to deal with cultural issues, unconscious bias, social intelligence, and preexisting mindsets and map them back to the indicators that are tied to behaviors or situations that, in heightened levels or when combined, produce bad outcomes. This strategy will have a favorable impact on improved relationships and better communication.

Support Our Corporate Team 

"We are a small business but needed help resolving issues. We found Benew Outreach through a friend and it has been a game changer "

Cleosa, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

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