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Colorful Homes


Action Plan is to implements family, education and sports programs for people and families who live in poverty stricken communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It’s our responsibility to create an environment of success and opportunity when problems such as lack of structure, materials, trained teachers and very little resources that hinders opportunities for Social Transformation. 


Benew Salon & Barber School

Located in the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil is a place for women and men to learn a new profession, build their clientele and learn everything needed for them to have success as a cosmetologist and Barber.  Our courses and supplies are free of charge for the students who wants to learn the fundamentals and theory in the classroom, then practice skills like braiding, extensions, and other popular techniques in a salon environment, using professional products, tools, and skills. And as a Barber students will learn classic short haircuts as well as scissor and clipper-over-comb techniques, fades, tapers, and precision haircutting. Our Salon will give each student a start in their career and will create opportunities for them to advance in life.


Community Program

Supports failing churches and nonprofits with coaching, courses, guidance, and resources on how to connect, help, and build their business and relationships in their community. 

What We Do - Is build strategies, detailed plans, and a process to implement for churches, organizations, and nonprofits that need help accomplishing their goals in their community. Churches and Nonprofits - We believe they shape our boldest dreams, highest ideals, and noblest causes. They feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, enlighten, and nurture people of every age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status.


School Sports Project

We help schools and other non profits with supplies and sporting equipment in areas where are underserved and forgotten about. 

We give people tools to help them reach for their educational goals and for others who are trying to find their goals. Regardless if they are a child or attending college or a parent who dropped out of school. There are foundational components that need to become habits for any student, parent or person to better their education. 

We also understand that many do not have goals or think it's impossible to achieve what they want in life. We believe it takes a village to raise a child. But to chase dreams it requires help and other resources. We will pursue these resources and help students, athletes and parents to find success on and off the field.

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